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  • Premium Quality
  • 12" x 1000' Roll
  • 1000 Total Square Feet
  • Standard Foil


Product Details

Kirkland Signature Reynolds Foodservice Aluminum Foil takes on the heat in your commercial kitchen with its highly durable construction to keep your kitchen running smoothly. This strong aluminum foil handles all the regular activities in a commercial kitchen with less ripping and tearing. Great for restaurants, catering businesses, school cafeterias and small businesses, this aluminum foil roll comes in a sturdy corrugated board container with an integrated metal cutter that helps you easily cut foil to the desired length. Cover large stainless steel pans with this aluminum roll to help keep foods warm. Use this cooking foil to line your pans, so they stay looking like new for longer. Wrap leftovers and store prepped foods using this aluminum foil wrap. Cleanup is much faster and easier when you use disposable aluminum foil. Kirkland Signature Reynolds Foodservice Aluminum Foil is indispensable when it comes to mealtime prep and storage.


  • This package contains one Kirkland Signature Reynolds Foodservice aluminum foil roll measuring 1000 feet long by 12 inches wide (1000 square feet total)
  • Corrugated cardboard container with an integrated strong metal cutter makes it easy to dispense aluminum foil wrap and cut to desired length
  • Highly durable aluminum foil made for use in commercial kitchens, restaurants, catering businesses, school cafeterias, and small businesses
  • Use Kirkland Signature Reynolds Foodservice aluminum foil to cover large stainless steel pans, store prepped food, or line a pan to cook or roast with easy cleanup
  • Withstands high heat in oven by sealing in moisture and extreme cold by protecting food in freezer




Kirkland Signature

Dimensions - Length

1,000 ft.

Dimensions - Width

12 in.


1 Box

Kirkland Signature Reynolds Foodservice Foil, 12 in x 1,000 ft

$49.99 Regular Price
$44.99Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
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